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The place where ideas turn into business.

The destination for students from Mainfranken region who seek to change the world.

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What is the difference?

Ideas from and for markets

The ideas come directly from successful companies and their founders, which thus recognize a direct need and in the development of new companies, the customers are already waiting virtually at the door.

Two years pre-financed

The company builders are actively involved in the development of the startup and support it with external resources as well as financial means, so that the new company can take care of its development and growth for at least two years. 30 percent will be from the first day in hands of the founders eg. the students.

Enabling mentored phase

Through distrubtive workshops, the best teams with the best ideas are filtered out. Then the winners receive a three-month enabling phase with professional mentors and direct support from companies and entrepreneurs. After this phase it is decided if the idea is ready for the world.

About the company builders

We aim to empower students to change the world with their own business

The Company Builders are successful entrepreneurs, consultants and investors around Schweinfurt that have come together to found and finance startups.


For this purpose, they take an active role in the development, marketing and scaling of the newly founded companies.


Due to the concentrated competence in different disciplines and hundreds of years of experience, it is possible to massively accelerate the learning process of the founders as well as the development of the startups in the first months or years.

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“The best businesses are really ones that can combine passion, profits and purpose.”

Tony Hsieh

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