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Starting first project

Aktualisiert: 22. Apr. 2022

After we got together last year, the first project will start in May 2022.

The fundamentals for the are laid and we can finally start our active work in Schweinfurt and the surrounding area together with the students.

"Our first idea could be the next Big Thing in the Circular Economy. A box can change the world. We are looking forward to the coming time."

After idea generation and testing, the proposal was taken up from the Circular Economy area. In our current linear economy, resources are wasted due to a short useful life of products and gigantic amounts of waste are produced. This way of doing business is not only inefficient in terms of resource use, but also has a significant negative impact on global ecosystems. Circular Economy as the key to sustainable transformation and a big chance for new business models.

Starting in May 2022

We will inform about the details in the next days to the Students and looking forward to a great distrubtive workshop from 6th to 8th May.

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